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Monthly Archives: April 2011

American English

American English

Women voting: Kuwait

women voting

Women and power

Women and power

The Other Gap

souk al bengali

Kuwait’s 9-11

Kuwait’s 9-11

Bangladeshi Cleaners

Bengali cleaners

Ghost Wars

Ghost Wars review

The Gulf’s credit crunch survivors

The Guardian By Raymond Barrett Two years after the demise of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent deepening of the global credit crisis, the petro-sheikhdoms of the Gulf have shown a degree of economic fortitude that finance minsters in the western world could only dream of. If ever proof was needed to highlight the current disparity [...]

Tea Party declares war on military spending

12 February 2011 The Guardian By Raymond Barrett The conservative movement in the United States is at war – with itself. The battle is over government spending, and for the first time in a generation, the knives are being sharpened for that most sacred cow of the Republican party: the $700bn – and rising – [...]

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